Sudden obsession with hair color


In case you haven’t noticed, I very much prefer natural beauty over gobs of makeup, and loads of stuff that shouldn’t be there.  Because of that I spent the first 23 years of my life with my natural hair color.  Sure I tried highlights in high school, and a red box color once, but I’ve never gone all out at the hair salon to do something drastic.  Until now.  My husband unexpectedly gave me the greenlight to try something off the wall with my hair so I went for it.

About 2 months ago I wanted purple.  My hair was virgin hair and short.  So I talked to my stylist about trying something new and she was super excited (As any stylist should be).  I came back a little while later with a moodboard to set up an appointment.

Now most folks come in to their salon with a photo, maybe two, to explain to their stylist what they are looking for but I want to encourage you to try bringing in moodboards instead.  This does 2 things.

  1. Gives your stylist a more thorough understanding of what you like about the styles
  2. Opens you up multiple ideas so you don’t walk away disappointed that you don’t look exactly like the girl in the photo.

I did this when I wanted to cut my hair.  I even took it a step farther by creating a board of things I like and one of things I didn’t like.  That may have been obsessive but I enjoyed it and my Stylist LOVED that I had lots of photos.

My Yes board was everything I’d like to see in my hair and my No board had things I didn’t want, like “this was too short” “this is too long” “what is going on her bangs?!?!”

So, naturally I’ve done this every time I come in for a change.  My purple hair was no different.  I brought in a moodboard that had lots of colors that I liked.

*Unfortunately that moodboard ended up in the recycle bin and has been lost…

And we got started! I ended up doing purple highlights instead of a full head and here’s what we ended up with!


Purple was fun, lots of people liked it.  And I really liked how subtle is was.  It also went PERFECT with my steampunk Halloween costume and mad hatters costume.  But I wanted more!!! After a few weeks I started brainstorming what to do next and I settled on probably the most extreme hair color out there, teal.  Thankfully I do have that moodboard to show you.

I wanted to keep the overall shade dark but it didn’t go exactly as planned.  Still I was super flexible and I thought my hair turned out awesome!!


So Teal was awesome and I’d love to do it again when I have long hair.  But in the process I was blonde for about 15 seconds…and I needed it.  Plus I knew my family did not approve of the teal so I decided to shoot for blonde before I went home for Christmas.  Possibly a mistake, possibly the boldest hair yet.

For anyone, like me, who isn’t familiar with removing color, it doesn’t happen in a day.  Teal definitely doesn’t come out in a day.  I went back to the salon with goals to hit blonde but we had to take a pit stop along the way.  Not what I had planned and far from what I had hoped but I’d much rather have goofy green healthy hair than super bleached blonde hair.

So I’ve been this color for 3 weeks now and have a horrid root head band but that’s ok.  I have to bear through it another 3 weeks so we can blend those roots! In the mean time I’ll be using lots of clarifying shampoo to pull as much green out as I can.  I suppose that will tell if I bleach again or let it be.

Looking back, I’m still super glad I went teal.  My game of “ring around the rainbow” should be coming to an end.  I don’t plan on putting any color in for a good long while, except toner to get to that pretty light blonde.

If anyone out there is thinking about doing a crazy color, DO IT! But going blonde afterwards wont be the easiest.  Regardless, I’ve come to know that you can do whatever you want as long as you wear it with confidence.  Rock your hair, own it, and enjoy it.

PS, I’m so in love with this cut, but I haven’t convinced the hubby yet.  If anyone ever tries it PLEASE PLEASE post it so we can see your awesomeness!




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