Be A Bombshell Nail Polish

Hello my lovelies!

I promised you a review of the nail polish I recieved in my Ipsy bag and here it is!


A subtle tribute to Harley Quinn

I’m a little picky about my nail polish for a few reasons.  Mainly, I’m so rough with my hands that most polishes are chipped and gone within 48 hours of applying.  So I rarely buy any polishes outside of my favorite Revlon collection.  BUT, the beauty of Ipsy is that I didn’t have to buy this one!

The very first thing I noticed about this polish, was that it smells very strong.  I would not paint my nails with this before any meals.  However, within a couple hours of application, the smell faded and I don’t even notice it now.  I usually paint my nails in the evening before bed anyways so it won’t be too big of a deal.

Application of this was actually a little difficult.  If you’re used to applying in thin layers, it can be a little tacky.  Actually the first coat of my middle finger looked so jagged and sticky!  So in the future I will be “dabbing” the excess paint off the brush vs “wiping” it on the side of the bottle.  Thankfully with the second coat I did use more paint and was able to fill any of the initial ridges.

First Coat.  If you look real close you can see some streaks in the color.

The formula is pretty opaque so I probably could’ve gotten away with one coat if I had not done the thin first layer.  Two layers here did just the trick.  I have a very “Full” and VERY glossy color on my nails.

Second Coat, Pre clean-up

Another factor that made applying a little more difficult is the size of the brush.  It’s pretty wide compared to what I am used to.  I had a bit more difficulty painting around my nail bed, both against the cuticle and on the sides.  The results were quite messy.  The paint did clean up pretty well though, so that’s a plus.

That slightest variation in size and stiffness had a huge impact.

I mentioned in my Ipsy review that I’m not a fan of pinks.  They are just too girly for me, usually.   I was surprised that I like this on my nails!  This color is Holy Fuschia and it’s pretty feminine so I added a simple blue/green accent on one nail.  The results yielded a subtle tribute to Harley Quinn.  I love it.

Clean-up was 95% successful.  I expect the extra to wear off soon.

I topped off all but two of my nails with my Revlon Diamond Top Coat.  This will be a good judge to show the durability of the BABS polish as well as the Revlon top coat with a different brand polish.  I’m so excited to see the results!

I will be posting a follow up to show you how long the polish lasted so follow me to get notified when it’s available!



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