First Impressions of Ipsy and September’s Glamazon Bag

The time has come!

The walrus said.

To talk of many things.

Of paint on nails

and luscious hair

And whether eyes have wings!

Ok my Pixters! It’s finally here!

My very first ipsy bag, September’s “Glamazon” glam bag arrived yesterday and boy was I thrilled!

Back “in the beginning”, I decided to try Ipsy for a number of reasons.  Long story short I wanted to try new products without having to pay out that wazoo for them.  You can read the full article here for a more in-depth background to this post:

5 reasons I’m trying Ipsy

Now on to the goodies!

Like I mentioned, my glambag arrived yesterday, but it felt like it took ages to get here.  I had read on many review comments that folks were not getting their bags until the end of the month so I was prepared to wait for it.  But I do want to elaborate on the delivery process so other new Ipsy subscribers can know what to expect.

I subscribed the last week of August so that I could get September’s bag and payment was applied promptly on September 1st.  I suppose it could be worth mentioning that the cost is $10 plus tax so a whopping $10.80 for those of us in California.  This affects my opionion of Ipsy in no way, it’s still a pretty great deal!

I checked after a few days and the status said “In warehouse” with an idication of expected delivery between 6th and the 10th.  Over the next few days this was pushed back to the 12th.  On the 9th, I got an email saying it had shipped.  I followed my tracking code in the email to a DHL webpage that said my package was “En Route to distribution center”.  So Ipsy doesn’t just take our bags to the post office, they use DHL to ship.  Again, after a few days DHL said expected delivery would be on the 14th.  DHL also provided a USPS tracking number which would take me to a USPS page that said the number wasn’t recognized.  I didn’t think too hard on this because I’ve had packages that never had an updated tracking number so this one could have been overlooked as well.

September 14th finally rolls around, I check my mailbox, and no package.  I was bummed but like I said, folks were getting them later than this so I decided to give it until the next Monday before I checked in with Ipsy.  That night, DHL updated saying the package had arrrived at their facility.  So maybe Ipsy’s delivery date was the date it would arrive at the DHL facility? I’m not sure if that was their intention but in the coming months I’ll try to track this pattern.  Either way this was progress and I was happy.  At least I knew it wasn’t lost!  Another thing to note, I’m pretty sure Ipsy ships out of Texas and the DHL facility that had my package was in California. According to that math, it took about a week to get from the Ipsy warehouse to DHL.  This can vary depending on where you live.

OK! I checked DHL the very next morning and it said my package had arrived at a USPS Sort facility, and soon after, my local post office.  Thankfully at this point my USPS tracking number was active, though it didn’t do me that much good because my package would be delivered the next day.

Finally, on September 16th, my ipsy bag is in the mailbox!!!  Start to finish, the delivery process was 16 days.   We can’t expect them to overnight a $10 bag can we?  I hope this can shed some light for you new Ipsy subscribers and give us realistic expectations regarding delivery.  I’d say err on the side of patience.  I’ll be mentioning deliver dates on future glam bags to identify a pattern.

Boring part over, lets get on with the bag!


Ipsy ships their bags in this really adorable pink bubble wrap envelope.  Pink is far from my favorite color but seeing it in the mailbox was thrilling.  Kudos to Ipsy for making their packaging cute!

Inside this cute package was, drum roll…… MY GLAMBAG!!!!

The bag is the size of an average makeup bag, not too big, not too small. Its very cute.  The design made me think of a tiki hut.  It is brown, white, and gold.  I felt the color scheme alluded to a natural fiber theme, though some describe it as more of a 70s color scheme.  Both, I think, are valid.  It definitely doesn’t feel natural though, more like a thinner vinyl.  But I like it the texture it has.  Some folks complained the bag smelled but mine is good to go.  And did I mention the cute design? The bag shows four ladies, in a sketch style, and they spell out the letters IPSY with their poses.  I thought it was creative.  The zipper and pull are gold with the Ipsy logo.  I thought I would mind the “coin shape” zipper pull but I actually think it works well with the design.

Opening the bag was definitely the best part of the exerience so far.  I got a small eyeliner, mascara, Hair mask, Nail polish, and makeup brush.  I had gone almost a month without eyeliner in hopes that I would get some in my bag and was relieved to find it.



My eyeliner is EYEKO’s Eye Do Liquid Liner in Black.

It claims to “stay put” and not smudge, enhance your lashes for a longer, fuller, and stronger look, and apply easily over eye shadow.

I personally like this eyeliner.  The felt tip is my favorite shape.  I found it very easy to work with.  And the tip felt soft so it was comfortable to apply.  It flexed with my eyelid instead of pulling my skin and creating a jagged look.  The end result was a very smooth and saturated line that stays on all day.  I’m very pleased with this liner, though when I took a shower it did rub off, desipite being “waterproof”. Time will tell if this was because I rubbed too hard or it’s not as waterproof as other other liners I’ve tried.  I’ll keep you updated.

This sample is travel size being .04 oz whereas the full size comes in at .07 oz.  The full size sells for $20 on so I’d value my travel size at a little over $10.  That’s what I paid for the whole bag so I know I’ve got my moneys worth.  And seeing that my sample is over half of a normal size I hope that it will last a good bit of time.

Conclusion: I would by this.  It’s cheaper than my favorite Tarte liner but doesn’t appear to be perfectly waterproof.

UPDATE: Definitely not waterproof!  It will stand up against a rainy day but I won’t be wearing it to the pool.


Next in the bag was IT Cosmetics Superhero Mascara in Super Black.

This mascara uses Biotin and collogen to strengthen and plump lashes, helps lengthen lashes, and the brush ensures maximum separation and curl.

The bottle is very cute, with a slight concave tube, but overall simple.  The simple package lets the product shine. I’ve used this several times already and it works great with my lashes.  My eyelashes are pretty long so most lengthening mascaras make them look thin.  This product however keeps them seperate and full looking. I had no clumping and the product dries with a lovely curl.  Disclaimer, I don’t need to curl my lashes so most mascaras finish with a nice curl on me anyways.

I really love the brush.  It’s very “fiberous” reminding me more of a q-tip than a applicator, but it worked great.  My eyelashes stayed seperate and I was able to apply a couple layers for a finished look.  This mascara definitely makes my lashes look more on the natural side than “gooped up with paint”.

This product was a travel size, being .17 oz.  The full size runs .304 oz with a cost of $24 so I’d estimate my product to be valued a little over $12.  Also, because it is over half of a full size, I hope it lasts a little while!

Conclusion: I like it.  It isn’t waterproof so I probably wouldn’t drop $24 on it but if you prefer non-waterproof mascaras then this is a great product!


Up next we have the Briogeo Don’t Despair, Repair! Deep Conditioning Mask

This product claims to use B vitamins, Algea, roseships, and argon oils to hydrate, result in less breakage, and overall help dry, brittle hair that has been treated in some way.

This comes in small tube with a clean and simple design.  It’s pink and grey and overall appealing to the eye.  The lid screws off and product squeezes out like a lotion bottle.  I’d suggest unscrewing the lid pre-shower for the first use because I found it a little cumbersom with wet hands.  Don’t take that too seriously though, I also have trouble opening water bottles…

Some of you may have gathered I have pretty short hair, hence the “Pixie” in my name, so I don’t really have a lot of breakage nor is my hair treated in any way.  But I did like how this made my hair feel.  I massaged it into my hair post-shampoo and let it sit for at least five minutes.  At least I hope it was five minutes, if not it was a very long four minutes and thirty seconds.  This product has the consistency of a conditioner and works into hair pretty easily.  My hair felt very soft and moisturized after using this and my bathroom smells like a spa.  This smells so good.

Now I only shampoo my hair every 3-4 days so this will only be used on those days and I will try to update you guys if I see any significant progress.

A full size jar of this is 80z selling for $36.  So I value my 1oz sample at $4.50.

Conclusion: I will enjoy using this while I have it.  It smells great and my hair is super soft.  But I don’t have any damage to my hair so it isn’t a product that I need.  I will keep it in mind if I grow my hair back out, otherwise I probably won’t buy it.


Moving along we have nail polish!  I recieved Be A Bombshell’s Nail Polish in Holy Fuchsia

This polish comes in a very stylish glass cylindrical bottle.  The design is classy and clean.  It’s easy to open and the brush is a decent size.  A quick swatch made it clear I would only need a maximum of two thin coats with this polish.  It is pretty opaque and dries quickly.  Color wise, I’m not super huge fan of pinks, but I’m glad I now I have a fuchia in my collection for those sexy date nights with my hubby.  Two things about it though, it is very strong smelling and was a little tacky.  The smell was like fresh vinyl, very potent.  I definitely didn’t want to have my nails near my face right after applying so you should probably wait until after supper to paint them. The tackiness wasn’t too much of a problem, it settled as it dried; a clear coat would take care of any ridges that were left.

Now I am very rough with my hands, so nail polish rarely lasts longer than 48 hours on my hands.  Revlon’s Colorstay Gel Envy polish is the first polish to ever last on my nails.  So when I wear this polish I will probably use my Diamond Top Coat (part of the Gel Envy collection) with it.  I do plan on doing a review of the polish with the top coat vs without to see just how durable it is.  Follow me to get an email when I post that review!

Ipsy did send me a full size of this product valued at $6.

Conclusion: Time will tell if this is durable enough for me to buy again.  I probably wont buy this exact color but there are lots of other attractive colors in the collection.

UPDATE: Here’s my link to my Be A Bombshell Nail Polish review!


My final product is Crown Brush’s Ombre Angle Brush

This brush is meant to be used in the cheek area and uses soft goat hairs for bristles.

This is an attractive and soft brush.  The handle is a matte black piece of plastic, nothing fancy but not bad at all.  There are actually grooves in the handle for your thumb and forefinger.  These are a nice touch, but don’t exactly fit my hand.  Not a big deal.  The bristles are very soft and pleasant on the face.  I look forward to using this when I get my next powder blush.  I’m currenty trying to use up a “Cream-ish” blush by Maybelinne and this brush is too soft to pick up the pigment.

I have a full size brush that retails at $7.99

Conclusion: It’s soft and nice on the face.  I can’t use it yet but plan to with my next blush.  I would suggest this to anyone looking for an inexpensive blush/highlighter/contour brush.

That wraps up all of the products I got in my first Ipsy Glambag.  Overall I’ve very happy with my bag.  I got eyeliner and mascara, which I desperately needed.  I will enjoy the hair mask while I have it and am happy to have another addition to my nail polish collection.

As an update to my previous post, 5 reasons I’m trying Ipsy , this bag fullfilled my hopes.  I got a variety of new products to try, that I wouldn’t have tried otherwise, for a great price.  Not only did I get a variety, I got products that I needed.  I know this won’t be the case every time, but as a first impression, I’m satisfied.  Three of the products were travel size, not just a measley sample size, and two were full size.  The bag was also cute.

Conclusion: Based off of my first glambag, I seriously recommend Ipsy.  Just be patient for delivery!

One other thing to note about Ipsy, as soon as you get notified your bag is ready, you can log into Ipsy and see exactly which products you will be getting.  I stumbled upon this early on so I knew exactly what was going to be in my bag over a week before it arrived.  That did ruin the suprize a bit, so I’ll probably avoid that page unless the anticiapation kills me.

All in all, I’m happy with Ipsy! I got a great first glam bag and am already excited to see next month’s theme!

Now that you’re ready to start with Ipsy (I know you want to!!!!) Head over to Ipsy and get started!  Sign up before October 1st to get the October Glam bag!

What are yall’s thoughts on this month’s glam bag?


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