5 Reasons I’m trying Ipsy

Ok, so for the past few months, have been seeing adds about all of these different beauty box subscriptions.  I may be hopping on the bandwagon a little late but I finally decided to give one a try.  My box, or bag rather, of choice is Ipsy!  While I haven’t recieved my first Ipsy Glam Bag yet, I wanted to go over a few reasons I chose to try Ipsy over the other numerous options out there.  There are several reasons, so lets get started.

1)New Makeup

One of the biggest reasons I wanted to try a subscription was because I am such a cheapskate and rarely branch out to try new products.  I’m hoping to document all of my makeup adventures here for other like minded folks to watch.  I tend to have a very simple daily makeup style and spend FOREVER trying to decide if I want to try any new products.  Not that I don’t like trying new things, because I definitely would buy so much makeup if I could!  I’m just a tightwad when it comes to anything that isn’t necessary to survive.  So I hope that Ipsy will introduce me to new styles, techniques, and overall products that I wouldn’t try otherwise.

2)Mostly Cosmetics

As of now, I’m mostly interested in trying new makeup products.  It seemed that several of the other subscriptions like Sephora Play, Birchbox, and the others included a lot more skin care and hair care over makeup products and I’m just not into that side of things right now.  I have my face wash and it suits me.  My skin is generally pretty healthy and I prefer to keep that simple.  And my pixie hair is short and takes me less than 5 minutes to fix.  Not interested in change there.

I will note that while I was filling out my Ipsy profile, skin care and hair care were definitely a part of the selection.  It just seems, from other people’s reviews, that they focus more heavily on the makeup.

3) Cost

Did I mention I’m a cheapskate? Ipsy only costs $10 a month.  I’d say I was averaging about $100 a year on makeup so this really isn’t that much more expensive.  And while I do intend to continue purchasing my absolute favorite Tarte products, I am hoping that over time Ipsy can supply my trendy eyeshadows, eyeliners, and mascaras at least.

4) I don’t need full size everything

If you are like me and stick to your simple makeup routine, you notice your makeup “expiring” before you can use it all.  I say “expire” lightly because I’ve got some eyeshadow pallettes that are older than my cat.  I just can’t use certain products fast enough to justify spending $25 per color on mulitple colors of lipstick.  So I really hope Ipsy can give me choices when I need them and savings when I don’t.

5) The Waitlist

Ok, so I’ll admit it.  I was 99% committed to trying Sephora Play before switching to Ipsy.  Their waitlist was open and I was about to sign up.  I entered my info and hit submit.  Nothing.  Nothing happened.  I clicked it again.  Still nothing.  So refreshed the page only to be redirected to the waitlist page.  They literally closed sign ups as I was signing up.  The only reason I wanted to try Sephora first was because I had friends signing up for Ipsy and I knew I could cancel Sephora and sign up with Ipsy at any time if I wanted.

Clearly it was a sign.  So I moseyed on over to my email from Ipsy saying the waitlist was open, and again, as I was signing up the waitlist closed.  It was a very frustrating moment.  Until I was directed to the “Skip the waitlist” page.  The skipping process is painless.  You just have to let them post on your facebook and send a message to at least on friend.  While I normally avoid anything posting to my personal facebook, I really wanted to get in so I could recieve September’s bag.  So I did it and Ipsy immediately congratulated me on signing up and sent me a confirmation email.

I’m very excited to give Ipsy a shot.  I really have high hopes for the subscription and can’t wait to see how it goes!

These are the main reasons why I’m choosing to give Ipsy a shot.  I do plan on doing a follow up to this post detailing the successes and disappointments of Ipsy so subscribe to get updates when that post comes through.  I also can’t wait to do my first Ipsy Glam Bag review of September’s bag and the new products I get to try!

UPDATE: My First Glam Bag review is here! Check out my First Impressions of Ipsy and September’s Glamazon Bag


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