5 ways Good Design reduces stress in your life

It goes without saying that the American lifestyle is nothing less than stressful.  We all get caught in the hustle and bustle from time to time and find ourselves scrambling to get out. What if I tell you one of the easiest ways to “leave it at the door” is by making sure your home is designed to your style.  Here are 5 stress-less reasons you need a well designed home.

Final Design
A finished room completes your day.
Having a good design keeps you feeling complete.

There is nothing worse than coming home from a hard day of work into a space that doesn’t feel finished.  It’s like leaving your work and walking into another project.

On the flip side, when your home feels finished and complete, so do you.  Your only assignment at home is to rest and relax.

Less clutter is Less stress.

When your home is well designed, you will want to keep it tidy.  When your home is tidy, you can relax.  For me, there is something so refreshing about walking into my living room and not needing to put things away.

Final Design

“Less Clutter is Less Stress.”

Take Pride in your space.

What’s more stressful than having guests in your “average” living room?  We are all guilty of corralling our guests  into our favorite room, the room that feels most finished.  Usually the kitchen or family room, not to be too specific.

When your home is well designed, you have a home to be proud of.

Be comfortable in your home.

I don’t think this needs too much explanation.  If you are comfortable in your environment, stress levels decrease.

Final Design 2

Have your own vacation spot.

What if you came home to a vacation…every single day.  When your home is designed to fit your style, walking into your perfect home will feel like walking into a resort.

It takes time and planning to get your home the way you like, but boy is it worth it.  When you have a stress-less space, it won’t take long to reflect in your life and overall health.  It can be a big task to design your home so find a good designer that works with your style.  Not sure where to start? Check out Krista Cox Design. Your house will thank you for it.


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